Map of Gross Domestic Product Across the World

(Greener is Larger. Data Source: IMF – World Economic outlook)

The objective of this initiative is to effect a sea-change, a quantum leap for ordinary citizens of developing economies to move from day-to-day survival mode to a personal wealth creation and growth via asset ownership, registry, and mobilization.

To unlock the wealth of nations, we aim to provide practical solutions tailored to the local environment that leverage the convergence of existing technologies. By registering people, their assets, and life events in an eRegistry, and through economic modeling, we will work to mobilize the currently dormant trillions of dollars in local assets in developing nations in order to generate local capital that fuels the economy via asset securitization.

With this economic model, we will create a global standardized index (Global Consumer Economic Index) that local financial institutions can use to improve lending practices by better assessment of an individual’s worth. This process will generate needed capital in developing nations to fuel the economy and minimize poverty. Additionally, the resulting technology platform from this process of asset securitization—The Open Information Exchange "MASHUP" Platform—will provide transparency and accountability for invested and loaned funds to the various nations by the World’s financial organizations. The Open Information Exchange MASHUP platform will become a lasting entrepreneurial development platform for open market exchange, analogous to a real-time global commerce commodities trading floor locally and eventually a global platform.

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Introductory Notes About Unleashing the 'Wealth of Nations'