The eRegistry has the potential for tremendous impact globally, such as:

  • unlocking each nation's wealth to create better communities and increase national and global prosperity. By empowering marginalized individuals through local capital based on wealth that has been ignored in the past.
  • producing a unique information exchange platform that will become an open, virtual marketplace for entrepreneurial development—a valuable tool for growing the local economy through innovative businesses such as, for example, local commodity trading, virtual doctors and health services, or labor and product exchange.
  • using the resulting robust platform for other capital-generating financial systems such as micro-credit financing.

In addition, the eRegistry will create:

  • a reliable data source for more accurate census and population-control activities
  • a national and global inventory and source of wealth
  • a portable index that can be replicated nationally and globally to source capital for local entrepreneurs
  • self-generating capital to fuel the local economy

The eRegistry will be a powerful tool to:

  • minimize and reduce poverty
  • improve the quality of life
  • provide a potential data revenue source for mobile network service providers
  • assure more accurate local elections
  • create new industries and new jobs, such as: asset appraisal and valuation; asset insurance; risk management; economic forecasting; and asset management
  • promote a cleaner society, and
  • improve revenue generation for all nations.