Core Concepts

Lagos Nigerian Marketplace

A case for how developing nations (especially African nations) can create and grow wealth, and be key players in global economic growth and prosperity.

For centuries, economists have questioned why some nations are able to grow wealth and some are not. Transforming an economy from underdeveloped to developed requires long-term strategic mapping and a huge capital outlay; but in today's networked society, information and communication technologies, in tandem with good policy, can result in economic and social progress.

This project is aimed at providing practical solutions tailored to the local environment that leverage the convergence of existing technologies to unlock the wealth of nations by registering people, as well as their:

  • assets (houses, land, livestock)
  • life events (births, deaths, marriages)
  • trades/professions.

With this data, through economic modeling, we will mobilize the currently dormant trillions of dollars in local assets in developing nations to generate capital in the local economy and make this economy accessible to the global market place.